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Finlayson Wine Roadshow 24 - Advise on Succession Planning

Finlaysons Wine Roadshow 24 will be held in late-July to mid-September this year.  The theme in 2016 is “Elevage: Succeeding a Family Wine Business to the Next Generation”.

Wine Partner, Will Taylor, said that the firm received a number of requests during Wine Roadshow 23 last year to focus on succession planning this year. 

“We gained the clear impression that people are struggling with this issue” said Will.  “It is critically important for both the family and the business.  We want to help the family develop a process, and execute it as smoothly and efficiently as possible, so that everyone is happy and the business elevates to a new level”.

The dates are as follows:

Swan Valley – 25 August 2016

Margaret River – 26 August 2016

The seminars will be held from 3pm until 6pm, with drinks and canapés for 1 hour afterwards.

For further information, please contact Ashleigh Falconer-Edwards on (08) 8235 7771 or

The website contains all the relevant information.