WA Wine Industry Strategic Plan 2014 - 24

Formal Release of WA Wine Industry Strategic Plan 2014 -24

The WA Wine Industry Strategic Plan 2014-24 is now available to industry.  Reference Group Chair, Nigel Gallop states that the strategic review was a “highly constructive process of engagement with industry in shaping our future.  It is clear we need to be focused on a unified voice from the State Association with strong Regional Associations championing their provenance and personalities.”  An online version of the document can be accessed here – WA Wine Industry Strategic Plan 2014-24

The document is the culmination of a 7 month collaborative, whole of industry strategic review process.  Working with Regional Associations, DAFWA, GWRDC and Perth NRM, Wines of WA administered the project which was comprised of:

Appointment of Simon Bowen from Rosscrae International to facilitate the process.  Simon has extensive experience in corporate strategy facilitation – seehttp://rosscrae.com.au/ for an overview of Simon’s approach.
Establishment of an industry based Reference Group, tasked with guiding the review process, providing input to direction and developing the key areas of strategic focus framework for the plan.  A list of Reference Group members and project partners is included in the document.
Development of the project plan with key objectives and milestones, including:

A desktop review of existing research and industry relevant information
An online survey open to all WA industry stakeholders
Invitation to stakeholders to comment by written submission
A series of 3 in-region industry workshops
A Regional Association Chairs workshop to review key findings and establish consensus around resulting areas strategic focus
Drafting of the final document based on the outcomes of the Regional Chairs Association workshop
Circulation of the final draft plan to the Reference Group and Regional Association Chairs for ratification

The ratified final draft outlines 10 Strategic Focus Areas and Initiatives which can be broadly grouped into 4 themes:

Industry Structure and Funding - Industry requires representational structure that is unified, focused and influential. Available resources must be utilised efficiently.  Regional Associations are the custodians of their Regional brands.  Wines of Western Australia provides stewardship for the industry and advocates for the best possible operating environment.  All levels of representation must having funding certainty with adequate resources to develop their regional brand.
 Market Demand and Consumer Engagement - The WA wine industry is based on a fine wine business model.  New routes to market must be established with a focus on export into Asia, direct to consumer/wine tourism and regaining prominence in WA on and off premise.
Research, Development and Extension - Providing the innovation required to pursue excellence – in growing, production and marketing.
Regulation and Social Responsibility - Ensuring the regulatory environment supports businesses that operate responsibly.  Ensuring the taxation regime is fair and equitable and does not create anomalies that can be exploited to the detriment of the industry.