APC Wine Producer Committee Expressions of Interest

Nominations for appointment to the WA Wine Producers' APC Committee are now open.

A Producers’ Committee works with producers (defined as a person or business that will pay a fee for service on produce processed, in this case, grapes owned at the crusher) to determine what services should be provided to assist industry development. Services to producers will be provided by Wines of WA and Regional Associations as defined by the WA Wine Industry Strategic Plan 2014-24. The services to be provided will be determined through consultation with producers by these two levels of representation. From this process, annual operating plans and medium term strategic plans will be developed for approval by the Producers’ Committee.

The Producers’ Committee is selected by the APC Board of Commissioners. Producers are encouraged to submit an application for consideration.
Application forms can be obtained here. Completed forms should be sent by COB, Friday 29th January to:

Attn:  Ingrid Smith
RE: Wine Producers' Committee
 Executive Officer, Agricultural Produce Commission,
Sort Bin 27, 3 Baron Hay Court,
South Perth WA 6151
Or by email to Ingrid.smith@agric.wa.gov.au

See further information regarding the structure of the Wine Producers' Committee here.