Changes to Australia Post Parcel Service

From 1 July, 2018, Australia Post will no longer be offering Wines of Western Australia contract rates for untracked (BPA) parcel services.

Untracked parcels require more manual handling, and do not take advantage of Australia Post's automated network that has been designed to maximise efficiency, visibility and confidence in meeting delivery commitments. 

With the growth of eCommerce, there is also an increasing need to provide parcel senders and receivers with notifications and the ability to track the movement of each parcel. Therefore to help meet these growing demands, untracked parcel services will no longer be available on contract rates from 1 July, 2018.

To continue accessing the Wines of Western Australia's discounted rates you can transition to the tracked eParcel service. If you don’t currently have access to eParcel rates, please contact WoWA who will be able to support you in accessing the associations negotiated rates.

Once set up, you’ll receive an email with relevant login details and instructions on how to create shipping labels with eParcel. If using the online eParcel lodgement tool is not suitable for your business, untracked parcels can still be lodged on a Paper Mailing Statement across the counter at your nearest Post Office or Business Hub at our standard published parcel rates.

Please contact WoWA by 30 May 2018 to allow for the setup and transition to the new eParcel service by emailing