Chinese New Year Celebrates the Fine Wine Regions of WA

Wines of WA (WoWA) collaborated with the WA Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC), the Office of Multicultural Interests, Tourism WA and the Department of State Development to host a group of four influential online food, wine and lifestyle journalists from China for a fine wine and seafood experience. The influential opinion leaders were flown to WA as part of the State Government’s $1million marketing strategy built around the Chinese New Year.

The event, “Journey of Discovery – The Fine Wine Regions and Premium Fisheries of Western Australia” was held on Friday 3 February at Matilda Bay Restaurant as a part of the WA State Government’s 2017 Chinese New Year program, celebrating 30 years of sister state relationship with Zhejiang Province – see event program here (link)

WoWA CEO, Larry Jorgensen explained that the concept was simple: “get a beautiful venue, a great kitchen, fantastic produce and amazing wine, then get of the way.”

Attending the event were leaders of the WA Chinese community including Mr Khoon Tan, President of the WA Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Mr Ding Shao Ping from the Chung Wah Society. Mr Ding said it was, “… an amazing fine wine and seafood “Journey of Discovery” experience. We all had a fantastic time. I believe that all of us will never forget this experience. We have the best wine and seafood in the world.” Ms Anlin Sun, Deputy Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate in Perth who also joined the group was also impressed; “the journey of discovery will always in my memory. It gave me a chance to learn more about W.A. I hope more Chinese people will share your beautiful state and your delicious seafood.”

WA seafood ambassador, Don Hancey explained each dish to the group. In typical Don style his summarised the event thus, “Stunning dinner last night, food and service impeccable. Our special guests  most impressed.” John Harrison, CEO of WAFIC said, “the evening was a great way to showcase the excellence of WA’s seafood while at the same time offering an opportunity to educate key opinion leaders about the State’s fisheries and wineries.”

Mr Jorgensen noted that the primary focus from a wine perspective was to demonstrate the synergy between white wine and seafood. “We know the Chinese love seafood and we know that white wine currently accounts for only 13% of the wine that WA exports to China. Events like this will help to change that. Riesling, SSB, Verdelho and Chardonnay shone on the night.”

Chinese dinner.jpg