Entrepreneurs' Program

Entrepreneurs’ Program is a government funded, comprehensive review of food and agribusiness businesses in WA that connects them with up to $20,000 matched government grant to implement the recommendations of the review.

Business Evaluation
A fully government funded service to assess your business, research the industry you operate in and create a plan of action you endorse and are ready to implementThe evaluation typically involves working on site with your team 1-2 days and applying our industry experience combined with diagnostic tools to investigate key areas of your business. The outcome is a comprehensive report and a set of recommendations endorsed by you specific to the needs of your business.

Business Growth Grant Funding
Up to $20,000 Business Growth Grant(s) to engage a consultant/s of your choice to make improvements to their business that were recommended in the Business Evaluation phase. The grants could be used for example to engage an export consultant, to develop your online e-business strategy or to get you ready to supply into retail supply chains. Your business will be reimbursed for half the cost of engaging independent consultant(s) of your choice to a maximum of $20,000 (excluding GST).

To be eligible for this service your business must
• be solvent;
• have a turnover of between $1.5 and 100 million;
• be in operations for at least 3 years; and
• undertake food or beverage production, or supply integral services or technologies to support food or beverage production.

To discuss your business needs and how the programme can assist your business to grow and build resilience please contact:
Gabor Hernadi
Business Adviser – AusIndustry
M: 0417 985 075 Bunbury
Don Geare
Business Adviser – AusIndustry
M: 0447 955 498