Liquor Control Act Amendments Tabled in Parliament

"The amendments are a positive step forward in providing WA producers with alternative pathways to market. Wines of Western Australia advocated for these amendments after consultation with Regional Associations and wine producers. This is an example of the effectiveness of industry collaboration and unity on key issues." - Larry Jorgensen, CEO Wines of WA

The WA wine industry welcomes the upcoming amendments to the Liquor Control Act 1988.  The amendments specific to the Producers’ License category will provide WA wine producers with improved opportunities to engage directly with consumers in a responsible and mutually beneficial manner. 

As the majority of WA wine producers are small, family owned businesses, the direct to customer sales channel is the most profitable and important means of selling wine.   Read more about the amendments here:

Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill presented to Parliament on 18th August 2015

Explanatory memorandum to the Liquor Legislation Amendment Bill