Wine Industry APC Update

Industry APC Update

The inaugural meeting of the WA wine industry APC Committee was held on Friday 11th March at Technology Park, Bentley. All Committee members attended. A summary of the proceedings follows:

• APC Chairman Dr William Ryan welcomed the incoming Committee and provided a brief overview of the APC and the purpose of a Producers’ Committee
• APC Executive Officer Ingrid Smith provided an induction on Committeeprocedure and governance

The Committee then continued independently to determine the following:

• Jeff Burch appointed Chair of the Committee
• Wines of WA requested to provide secretariat services for the Committee
• Summary of all meetings will be forwarded to Regional Associations and producers
• Meeting summaries and Committee contact details to be archived at the APC website on dedicated Wine Producers’ Committee page - details to be forwarded when page is live
• Association budgets and Fee For Service (FFS) should be forwarded to secretariat by 8th April 2016
• Next meeting Friday 15th April 2016

The APC Implementation Timeline Going Forward

• Regional Associations and WoWA develop budgets and identify appropriate FFS rates through consultation with producers
• Association budgets and FFS forwarded to Producers’ Committee (via secretariat) for review by 8th April.
• Committee meets on 15th April to discuss submitted budgets
• If approved, budgets and FFS forwarded to Commissioners for approval
• Once approved by Commissioners, budgets and FFS forwarded to Minister for Agriculture for approval
• FFS gazetted mid-May
• Producer compliance information sent 1st June 2016
• Producer’s return form lodgement due 30th June 2016
• FFS payment due 30th July

Regional Association Action List

  1. Finalise 2016/17 Budget and FFS.
  2. Send to Wine Producers’ Committee c/o by COB Friday 8th April 2016

Contact Larry Jorgensen for further information.
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M – 0448 884 161