WET Rebate – Core Principles for Rebate Reform

WET Rebate – Core Principles for Rebate Reform
 For the 2016 budget, the Federal Government has made clear it will be introducing WET rebate reforms that apparently will be “well designed and sustainable”.
Wines of WA, the nine fine wine regions of Western Australia and individual industry participants were part of an extensive consultative process instigated in 2013 by the national body Winemakers Federation of Australia.
This resulted in a pre-budget submission in May 2015 that proposed integrity measures to return the rebate to its original policy intent being ‘… recognition of the substantial financial hardship faced by small rural and regional wineries and aimed to support the viability and consequent capacity to generate employment wealth in local communities.’
Accordingly, the Western Australian fine wine industry again reinforces these core principles with respect to WET reform:
1. The WET rebate has been instrumental in delivering long term benefits to the wine industry and tourism in regional Australia.
2. Any reforms that tighten eligibility must continue to deliver on original policy intent; to support small wine producers in rural and regional Australia.
3. The total available rebate is maintained and as a rebate not as a grant.
4. We support an Industry/Government collaboration in growing the export demand funded from the WFA integrity measure savings.
5. The Government should continue to monitor the use of the rebate to ensure it meets its original policy intent. 

For further information, contact Wines of WA:

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