Wine Industry APC Committee Members Selected

The establishment of the APC Wine Producers’ Committee is progressing to schedule. To date, the following requirements have been completed:

·       A Producers’ Committee has been appointed by the APC Commission. See below for a list of the members. As there were 10 individuals who applied, the Commissioners determined that it was appropriate that all 10 should be appointed. The appointees provide a good representation of industry with regard to region, scale of operation and position in the value chain. The resulting (randomly occurring) structure of the Committee closely reflects the requirements of the WoWA Board under an APC: 5 regional representatives; 3 for scale of production ( < 150 tonnes, 151 – 1000 tonnes, >1000 tonnes); and grower representation.

An initial meeting date for the Committee has been set – Friday 11th March, 1pm – 3pm
·       Regulations specific to the wine industry are at second draft. These reflect the method of collection defined through our industry ratification process as noted below:

-          Fee paid by the owner of fruit at the crusher
-          Fee for service to paid based on tonnes of fruit processed

The schedule going forward is:

·       Regional Associations and WoWA to develop budgets and identify appropriate fee for   service rates through consultation with producers
·       Budgets and FFS rates presented to Committee for approval. 
·       Upon Committee approval, budgets/FFS rates presented to Commissioners for approval
·       With Commissioner approval, FFS charge is submitted to Minister for Agriculture for approval. FFS charge will be gazetted / published at least 14 days before date of commencement of charge.
·       FFS collection to commence on the date specified in the gazetted notice ( more detail on this to be provided when regulations have been approved)

See here for further information on the WA wine industry APC Producers' Committee, or contact Larry Jorgensen on:
E -
M - 0448 884 161