Wine Industry Leaders’ Meeting – Grape and Wine 2015 - A Focus for Action

Statement to Members and Industry Stakeholders

Wine Industry Leaders’ Meeting – Grape and Wine 2015 - A Focus for Action

 A wine industry leaders’ meeting ‘Grape and Wine 2015, A Focus for Action’ will be held in August. 

The leaders’ meeting will have two objectives:

  • The first is to agree on the 2 or 3 key issues to accelerate return to profitability and which will be advanced with united industry support from representative bodies.
  • The second objective of the leaders’ meeting is to achieve agreement or a process to reach agreement on an optimal future representative industry structure that presents a united industry voice on key issues and maximises industry’s resources and influence and at the same time values state and regional representation.

Wines of WA will facilitate participation by WA in the meeting through engagement with producers and Regional Associations.

A small group of national and state industry leaders have been working on the concept and details of the leaders’ meeting since late 2014 following agreement that a more united approach is required to effectively work through the industry’s challenges and opportunities.

Grape & Wine 2015 will be held in Adelaide at the National Wine Centre and attended by approximately 40 national, state and nominated regional industry organisations to enable open discussion and achieve meaningful outcomes. In the selection of representatives an emphasis will be placed on diversity and the next generation of leaders of the industry. To ensure engagement with the whole industry, an industry survey will be conducted prior to the Summit in addition to engagement with regional associations and their members via the State Wine Associations.

An independent consultant will help facilitate the Grape & Wine 2015 and undertake important pre-work in identifying the key issues facing industry and what can be done to improve alignment and collaboration across the industry bodies on behalf of levy payers and members.

An expected outcome from the Summit will be agreement on what organisation reform is required to achieve a more united and effective industry voice and what interim arrangements can be put in place to progress the key issues in front of industry.

The need for a Summit is also supported by the South Australian Wine Industry Association, Wine Tasmania, Wine Victoria, New South Wales Wine Association and the Queensland Wine Industry Association. Growers groups are also supporting the initiative including Wine Grape Growers Australia, Murray Valley Winegrowers, the Wine Grapes Marketing Board, the Riverland Wine Industry Development Council, the Wine Grape Council of South Australia, and the Winemakers Federation of Australia.

Wines of WA will provide further information shortly to ensure all WA producers and their Regional Associations are given every opportunity to contribute to the process.