Policy Amendment as of November 2017

The Director of Liquor Licensing's policy for extended trading permits for cellar door operations has been amended to clarify that Producers are only required to include their annual liquor return, sales made under the cellar door extended trading permit to other liquor merchants. See the revised policy here


Fair Work Ombudsman Wages and Conditions Information

The FWO has developed a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that are designed to make compliance with workplace laws easier to understand and achieve. These include:

  • My Account  - an interactive and personalized resource that employers can use to access information tailored specifically for their business, helping keep them up to date with their workplace obligations.
  • Pay and Conditions Tool - employers can use this to calculate employee entitlements to pay, including shift work, and leave. This has recently been updated to reflect changes to the Wine Industry Award 2010
  • A comprehensive suite of templates and guides here – covering virtually every aspect of the employment life-cycle.
  • The FWO’s award-winning Online Learning Centre,  which provides online learning courses and valuable guidance on a range of business essentials, such as managing performance and record keeping and pay slip obligations.

FWO Tools and Resources

Things every manager and business owner should know about:

Hours of work

About hours of work

About breaks


About rostering

Roster Template (word)

Roster Template (excel)

Rates of pay

Wine Industry Award 2010  Pay Guide

List of other awards

Links to other award pay guides

Important recent changes to award entitlements

Changes to employee entitlements


Types of Leave

 Leave Calculator

Template leave record

Records and payslips

About payslips

Pay slip template

About record keeping

Employing young workers

An employer's guide to employing young workers

Managing performance

Information about managing performance

Important changes to the Fair Work Act that all employers should know about

Protecting Vulnerable Workers Reform